Valmiki Ramayana - Yuddha Kanda in Prose Sarga 91

Lakshmana and Vibhishana approach Rama and inform him that Indrajit's head has been chopped off. Rama was delighted with the news and applauds Lakshmana, by embracing him. Rama gets Lakshmana and others treated by Sushena. After the medical treatment by Suhena , Lakshmana becomes sound, active and full of joy.




Lakshmana, endowed with auspicious bodily marks, whose limbs were drenched in blood, felt rejoiced on having killed Indrajit in combat. Having offered salutation to Jambavan, Hanuma and all those monkeys, that valiant Lakshmana of great brilliance then quickly came from there to the place where Sugreeva and Rama were there, by leaning himself upon Vibhishana and Hanuma.

Having offered his salutation and approached Rama, Lakshmana stood beside his brother, even as Lord Vamana (the younger brother of Indra) would stand beside Indra the lord of celestials. Then, the valiant Lakshmana, arriving at the great-souled Rama, told him in a murmuring tone (as he was feeling tiresome) about the terrific destroyal of Indrajit.

Then, the rejoiced Vibhishana informed (in a clear tone) to Rama that Indrajit's head had been chopped off by the great-souled Lakshmana. Just on hearing the news about the killing of Indrajit by Lakshmana, Rama of great prowess obtained immeasurable joy and spoke the following words: "O Lakshmana! Well done! I feel gratified. An ardous act has been done. Consider it as our victory, through the destroyal of Indrajit.”

Smelling the head of that Lakshmana, who had augmented his fame and yet who was feeling abashed (to hear himself being praised), forcibly drawing him to his lap and placing that Lakshmana his younger brother in his lap with affection, wounded as he was, that valiant Rama, having embraced him, tenderly gazed upon him affectionately again and again.

Smelling once more the head of that Lakshmana, who was feeling tormented by the arrows that had penetrated into his body, who had been wounded, who was breathing heard, who was endowed with auspicious characteristics, was afflicted with agony and was feeling pained at the time of respiration, and hurriedly stroking him as well as restoring confidence in him, Rama the foremost among men spoke the following words: "An extremely noble act was performed by you, a doer of difficult things. Now, that his son having been killed, I account Ravana to have been killed in battle. As that evil-minded enemy has been killed, I become victorious. O valiant Lakshmana! Fortunately, you indeed severed the right hand of the cruel Ravana. Indrajit is indeed the support for that Ravana. Vibhishana and Hanuma too performed a great feat in the great battle."

"In the course of three days and nights, the valiant Indrajit was felled down somehow. Now, I have been made free of enemies. Hearing of his son having been struck down, Ravana will indeed come forth with a great and powerful battle-array. By encircling that Ravana, who is difficult to be conquered, with a great army, I will kill him, who is coming forth with a feeling of distress for the death of his son. O Lakshmana! As that Indrajit has been killed in battle by you, who are my protector, neither Seetha nor this entire earth is hard to attain.”

Having thus consoled Lakshmana and having embraced him, that Rama who was born in Raghu-dynansty , was duly delighted and by calling Sushena, spoke to him the following words: "O highly intelligent one! You attend upon this wounded Lakshmana, who is fond of friends, so that he will become perfectly well in health."

Let Lakshmana along with Vibhishana be quickly made free from pain caused by the arrows that have penetrated into their body. Let all others too among the gallant bear and monkey-warriors fighting with trees who have fought on the battle-field here and stand pierced with arrows and wounded, be healed in the same way with great care."

As commanded by Rama, the great-souled Sushena, the monkey-chief gave an excellent medicine through nose to Lakshmana. Inhaling the odour of that herb, Lakshmana became healed of the arrow-wounds, free from pains and his wounds got completely cured. As per the order of Rama, Sushena then treated his companions like Vibhishana and others including all the monkey-chiefs.

Then, with his arrow-wounds healed, his fatigue gone and his feverishness cured within a moment, Lakshmana having restored his original disposition, felt joyful there. Then, on seeing Lakshmana standing up with sound health, Rama, Sugreeva, Vibhishana and the valiant Jambavan along with the army were rejoiced for a long time.

That great-souled Rama applauded the ardous feat of Lakshmana. Hearing of Indrajit having been killed in battle, Sugreeva became delighted.


Thus, this is the 91st chapter in Yuddha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

© January 2009, K. M. K. Murthy


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