Chapter [Sarga] 98


Bharata instructs Shatrughna and Guha along with some troops each to search for Rama and Lakshmana in the forest. Bharata, personally, along with his ministers citizens and priests, proceed on foot to some other side of the forest for the search. He goes through the forest for some time. Climbing up a sala tree, Bharata observes a plume of smoke at a distance and conjectures that place as Rama's hermitage. Bharata quickly proceeds with quick steps, along with Guha, to see Rama.

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inveZy senam! tu iv-u> p(am! padvtam! vr>,
Ai-gNtum! s kakTSwm! #ye; gu vtRkm!. 2981

1. saH= that Bharata, vibhuH= the mighty; varaH= and the excellent; paadavataam= among men (those having feet); niveshya= (after) encamping; senaam= the army; iyeshha= sought; abhigantum= to approach; kaakutthsam= Rama; guruvartakam= who was abiding his; padbhyaam= by foot.

After encamping the army, the mighty Bharata the excellent among men, sought to approach on foot, Rama who was complying with the words of his father.

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iniv mae sENye tu ywa %ezm! ivnItvt!,
-rtae atrm! vaKym! zum! #dm! AvIt!. 2982

2. niviSTa maatre= Soon after encamping; sainye= the army; viniitavat= in a well-behaved manner; yathoddesham= according to the guidelines; bharataH= Bharata; abraviit= spoke; idam= these words; shatrughnam= to Shatrughna.

Soon after encamping the army in a well-behaved manner per the guidelines, Bharata spoke the following words to Shatrughna:

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i]m! vnm! #dm! saEMy nr sM"E> smNtt>,
luBxE> c sihtEr @i-> Tvm! ANvei;tum! AhRis. 2983

3. saumyaH= O, gentle brother!; tvam= you; narasaN^ghaiH= along with a troop of men; lubdhaishcha sahitaiH= and along with trackers; arhasi= ought; anveSitum= to search; samantataH= on all sides; idam anam= of this forest.

"O, gentle brother! You, along with a troop of men and trackers, ought to search on all sides of this forest."

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guhae }aitshe[ zrcapaisxair[a,
smNve;tu kakTWsmiSmn! pirv&t> Svym!. 2984

4. guhaH= (Let) Guha; svayam= himself; samanveSutu= search; kaakutthsau= for Rama and Lakshmana; asmin= in this forest; parivR^itaH= accompanied; j^Naati sahasreNa= by his multitude of kinsmen; shara chaapaasi dhaariNaa= wielding arrows, bows and swords.

"Let Guha search for Rama and Lakshmana in this forest, himself accompanied by a multitude of his kinsmen, duly wielding their bows, arrows and swords."

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AmaTyE> sh paErE gui- ijaiti->,
vn< sv cir:yaim p(a< pirv&t> Svym!. 2985

5. svayam= I, too; parivR^itaH= encircled; amaatyaiH saha= along with ministers; parveshcha= citizens; gurubhishcha= priests; dvijaatibhiH= and Brahmanas; chariSyaami= shall move; padbhyaam= by foot; sarvam= in the entire; vanam= forest.

"I too, surrounded by the ministers, citizens, priests and Brahmanas; shall personally go round the entire forest on foot.

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yavn! n ramm! yaim lm[m! va mha blm!,
vEdehIm! va mha -agam! n me zaiNtr -iv:yit. 2986

6. shaantiH= peace; na bhaviSyati= will not come; me= to me; yaavat= until which time; na drakSyaami= I do not see; raamam= Rama; mahaabalam= the immensely strong; lakSmaNam vaa= Lakshmana or; mahaabhaagam= the illustrious; vaidehiim vaa= Seetha.

"Peace will not be with me until I do not see Rama or the very mighty Lakshmana or the illustrious Seetha."

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yavn! n cN sMkazm! yaim zu-m! Aannm!,
atu> p plaz A]m! n me zaiNtr -iv:yit. 2987

7. shaantiH= peace; na bhaviSyati= will not be; me= with me; yaavat= until which time; na drakSyaami= I do not see; shubham= the auspicious; aananam= face; bhraatuH= of my elder brother; chandra samkaasham= resembling the moon; padma palaashakSam= having eyes like lotus= leaves.

"Peace will not be with me until I do not see the auspicious face of my elder brother, resembling the moon and having eyes bearing resemblance to lotus-leaves.

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yavn! n cr[aE atu> paiwRv VyNjn AiNvtaE,
izrsa xariy:yaim n me zaiNtr -iv:yit. 2988

8. shaantiH= peace; na bhaviSyati= will not be; me= with me; yaavat= until which time; na dhaarayiSyaami= I do not hold; shirasaa= on my head; charaNau= the soles; bhraatuH= of my elder brother; paarthiva vyaN^janaanvitau= bearubg ritak ubsugbua,

"Peace will nt be with me until I do not hold firmly on my head, the soles of my elder brother, bearing royal insignia.

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yavn! raJye raJy AhR> ipt& pEtamhe iSwt>,
Ai-;ek jl iae n me zaiNtr -iv:yit. 2989

9. shaantiH= peace; na bhaviSyati= will not be; me= with me; yaavat= until which time; raajyaarhaH= my elder brother eligible for the crown; na sthitaH= is not installed; raajya= in the kingdom; pitR^ipaitaamahe= which was derived from father and grandfather; abhiSeka jalaklinnaH= and consecrated by sprinkling water (on his head).

"Peace will not come to me until my elder brother, who is eligible for the crown, is not installed in the kingdom of Ayodhya, which was derived from our father and grand father and consecrated by sprinkling water on his head (as a symbol of crowing the kingdom)."

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isawR> olu saEimiyRNivmlaevmm!,
muo< pZyit ramSy rajIva]< mha*uit. 29810

10. saumitriH= Lakshmana; yaH= who; pashyati= is seeing; mukham= the face; raamasya= of Rama; mahaa dyuti= having a great luminance; chandra vimalopamam= resembling the bright moon; raajiivakSam= and having lotus= eyes; siddhaarthaH khalu= is indeed an accomplished man.

"Lakshmana, who is seeing regularly the face of Rama having a great luminance resembling the bright moon and having lotus eyes, is indeed an accomplished man."

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kt kTya mha -aga vEdehI jnk AaTmja,
-taRrm! sagr ANtaya> p&iwVya ya AnugGCAit. 29811

11. mahaabhaagaa= the illustrious; vaidehii= Seetha; janakaatmajaa= the daughter of Janaka; yaa= who; anugachchhati= is following; (Rama); bhartaaram= the Lord; pR^ithivyaaH= of the earth, saagaraantayaaH= extending to the sea; kR^ita kR^ityaa= has fulfilled her object.

"Seetha, the illustrious daughter of Janaka, who is following the steps of Rama the Lord of the earth extending to the sea, has fulfilled her object."

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su-g> ic kqae AsaE igir raj %pmae igir>,
yiSmn! vsit kakTSw> kber #v nNdne. 29812

12. asau= that; subhagaH= enchanting; chitrakuuTaH giriH= mountain of Chitrakuta; giriraajopamaH= resembles the King of mountains; yasmin= on which; kaakutthsaH= Rama; vasati= is residing; kuberaH iva= as Kubera the Lord of riches; nanadane= is living in the garden of nandana."

"That enchanting mountain of Chitrakuta resembles the King of Mountains on which Rama is residing, as Kubera the Lord of riches is living in the garden of Nandana."

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kt kayRm! #dm! gRm! vnm! Vyal in;eivtm!,
yd AXyaSte mha teja ram> z-&tam! vr>. 29813

13. kR^itakaaryam= Blessed; idam= is this; durgam= dense; vanam= forest; vyaala niSevitam= inhabited by wild animals; yat= where; mahaatejaaH= the great warrior; varaH= the excellent; shastrabhR^itaam= among the wielders of raamaH= Rama; adhyaaste= dwells;

"Blessed is this dense forest, inhabited by wild animals, where Rama, the great warrior and the excellent man among the wielders of weapons, dwells."


#Tya;eR Imamay[e AaidkaVye AyaeXyka{fe Anvittm> sgR

Thus completes 98th Chapter of Ayodhya Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

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