Chapter [Sarga] 81


When Bharata hear the sound of couches and drums early in the morning, he gets more depressed. He orders for stopping of those sounds and starts lamenting. Then, Vasishta the family-priest enters the assembly-hall and sends messengers, asking them to call Bharata urging him to be present in the court, and in response to his call, Bharata with Shatrughna, the ministers and others enter the assembly.

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tt> naNdI muoIm! raim! -rtm! sUt magxa>,
tuuvur vag! ivze;}a> StvE> mNgl siMhtE>. 2811

1. tataH= then; suuta maagadhaH= bards and panegyrists; vaagvisheSajJNaaH= who know the importance of words; tuSTuvuH= eulogized; bharatam= Bharata; maN^gala sahitaiH= with auspicious; stavaiH= hymns of praise; raatrim= on the night; naandiimukham= preceding Naandimukha.

Then, bards and pangegyrists, who knew the importance of tidings, eulogized Bharata with auspicious hymns of praise on the night preceding Naandimukha.

Naandimukha: The name of a ceremony in honour and for the benefit of dead relatives observed on a festive occasion to secure their blessings.

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suv[R kae[ Ai-ht> a[dd yam Ni->,
dXmu> zNoaM> c ztzae va*aM> c % Avc Svran!. 2812

2. yaama dundubhiH= a drum from which night-hours are identified; suvarNakoNaabhihataH= struck with a gold stick; praaNadat= gave its sound; shamkhaashcha= couches; naadaamshcha= and loud-sounding instruments; uchchavacha svaraan= in various types of noises; shatashaH= in hundreds; dadhmuH= were blown.

A drum from the sound of which nigh-hours are identified, struck with a golden stick, gave its sound. Couches and loud-sounding instruments in hundreds producing various types of noises were blown.

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s tUyR "ae;> sumhan! idvm! AapUry! #v,
-rtm! zaek sMtm! -Uy> zaekE> ArNyt!. 2813

3. saH= that; sumahaan= mammoth; tuuryaghoSaH= sound of the musical instruments; aapuurayaanniva= as though filling up; divam= the sky; arandayat bhuuyaH= created further distress; shokaiH= and grief; bharatam= to Bharata; shoka samtaptam= who was already tormented with grief.

That mammoth sound of the musical instruments, as if filling up the whole sky, created further distress and grief to Bharata who was already tormented with grief.

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tt> buae -rt> tm! "ae;m! sivTyR c,
n Ahm! raja #it c Aip %va zum! #dm! AvIt!. 2814

4. tataH= then; prabuddhaH= the awaken; bharataH= Bharata; uktvaa= having spoken; iti= that; aham= I; na= am not; raajaa= the king; samnivartyacha= caused to stop; tam= that; ghoSam= sound; abraviit= and spoke; idam= the following words; shatrughnam= to Shatrughna.

Then, the awakened Bharata proclaiming that I am not the king, caused to stop that sound and spoke the following words to shatrughna:

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pZy zu kEkeYya laekSy Apktm! mht!,
ivs&Jy miy hoain raja dzrwae gt>. 2815

5. pashya= behold; shatrughna= O, Shatrughna!; mahat= a great; apakR^itam= harm was done; lokasya= to the world; kaikeyyaa= by Kaikeyi; raajaa= the king; dasharathaH= Dasaratha; gataH= went away; visR^ijya= leaving; duHkhaani= the sorrows; mayi= in me.

Behold, O, Shatrughna! How much harm was done to the world by Kaikeyi! The king Dasartha left us, leaving all sorrows to me.

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tSy @;a xmR rajSy xmR mUla mhaTmn>,
pirmit raj Ir naEr #v Aki[Rka jle. 2816

6. eSaH= this; raajashriiH= prosperous kingdom; dharmamuulaa= a foundation of law and religion; tasya= of that; mahaatmanaH= high-souled; dhamaraajasya= Dasaratha the righteous king; paribhranati= is moving hitter and thither; nau iva= like a boat; jale= in water; akarNikaa= without a rudder.

This prosperous kingdom of Ayodhya, a foundation of law and religion of that high-souled Dasaratha the righteous king is now like boat without a rudder moving hitter and thither in water.

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yae ih n> sumhaaw> sae=ip aijtae vnm!,
Anya xmRmuTs&Jy maa me ra"v> Svym!. 2817

7. anayaa= by this; me maatraa= my mother; utsR^ijya= who has abandoned; dharmam= righeousness; svayam= herself; pravraajitaH= has sent away; saH raaghavaH api= even that Rama; yaH= who; sumahaan= was a great; naathaH= protector; naH= to us; vanam= to the forest.

Even that Rama, who was a great protector has been sent to the forest by this very mother of mine, abandoning her righteousness."

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#it @vm! -rtm! ey ivlpNtm! ivcetnm!,
kp[m! > svaR> sSvrm! yaei;t> tda. 2818

8. prekshya= seeing; bharatam= Bharata; vichetanam= who lost his consciousness; vilapantam= by lamenting; ityevam= in that manner; sarvaaH= all; yoSitaH= the women; tada= then; kR^ipaNam= miserably; rurudhuH= wept; sa svaram= with one voice.

Seeing Bharata who lost his consciousness by lamenting in that way, all the women then miserably cried in one voice.

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twa tiSmn! ivlpit visae raj xmRivt!,
s-am! #vak nawSy ivvez mha yza>. 2819

9. tasmin= (While) Bharata; vilapati= was lamenting; tathaa= thus; vasiSThaH= Vaishta; raajadharmavit= who knew the rules relating to kings; mahaayashaaH= and was very famous; pravivesha= entered; sabhaam= the assembly-hall; ikshvaakunaathasya= of Dasaratha the Lord of Ikshvaku dynasty.

While Bharata was lamenting thus, the great illustrious Vasishta who knew the rules relating to kings, entered the assembly-hall of Dasaratha the Lord of Ikshvaku dynasty.

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zat kM-myIm! rMyam! mi[ r smaklam!,
suxmaRm! #v xmR AaTma sg[> Typ*t. 28110

10. dharmaatma= the pious minded Vasishta; sagaNaH= along with his attendants; pratyapadyata= entered; (that assembly-hall); shaatakumbhamayiim= made of gold; ramyaam= lovely; maNiratna samaakulaam= extensively studded with gems and jewels; sudharmamiva= looking like Sudharma the celestial assembly-hall.

The pious minded Vasishta along with his attendants entered that lovely assembly-hall, made of gold and studded with gems and jewels, resembling Sudharma the celestial assembly-hall.

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s kaNcnmym! pIQm! pr AXyR AaStr[ Aav&tm!,
AXyaSt svR ved}ae tan! Anuzzas c. 28111

11. saH= Vasistha; sarvavedajJNaH= who knew all the scriptures; adhyaastha= was seated; piiTham= in a presidential chair; kaaNchanamayam= made of gold; sukhaastaraNa samvR^itam= and wrapped up with a comfortable cushion; anushashaasa cha= he ordered; duutaan= the messengers (as follows)

Vasista, who knew all the scriptures, then sat in a presidential chair made of gold and wrapped with a comfortable cushion. He ordered the messengers as follows:

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a[an! ]iyan! yaexan! AmaTyan! g[ b-an!,
i]m! Aanyt AVya> kTym! AaTyiykm! ih n>. 28112

12. aanayata= bring; kshipram= quickly; braahmaNaan= Brahmanas; ksatriyaan= Kshatriyas; vaishyaan= Vaisyas; amaatyaan= ministers; gaNavallabhaan= troop-commanders; avyagraaH= coolly; naH= for us; atyayikam= there is an urgent; kR^ityamhi= duty indeed to be done.

Quickly bring Brahmanas (a class of people having divine knowledge), Kshatriyas (people belonging to warrior-class), Vaisyas (agriculturists and traders), ministers and troop commanders coolly. There is an urgent duty indeed for us to be done.

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sraj-&Tym! zum! -rtm! c yiZSvnm!,
yuxaijtm! summ! c ye c t ihta jna>. 28113

13. (Bring); shatrughnam= Shatrughna; saraajabhR^ityam= with his royal attendants; bharatam= Bharata; yashasvinam= the illustrious man; yudhajitam= Yudhajit (maternal uncle of Bharata); sumantram cha= Sumantra the charioteer; ye janaaH= and those people who; hitaaH= are royal well-wishers; tatra= there.

Bring Shatrughna with his royal attendants, the illustrious Bharata, Yudhaajit (Bharatas maternal uncle) Sumantra the charioteer and those people who are royal well-wishers there.

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tt> hlhla zBdae mhan! smudp*t,
rwE> AE> gjE> c Aip jnanam! %pgtam!. 28114

14. tataH= then; sumahaan= there was a huge; halaahala shabdaH= hallooing sound; samapadyata= generated from the people; upagachchhataam= coming; rathaiH= on chariots; ashvaiH= horses; gajaishchaapi= and elephants.

There was a huge hallooing sound generated while the people invited were coming on chariots, horses and elephants.

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tt> -rtm! AayaNtm! zt tum! #v Amra>,
TynNdn! ktyae ywa dzrwm! twa. 28115

15. tataH= thereafter; prakR^itayaH= people of high position like ministers and others; pratyanandan= welcomed; aayaantam= the approaching; bharatam= Bharata; yathaa tathaa= in every way as (welcoming); dasharatham= Dasaratha; shatakratumiva= and as Indra; amaraaH= by celestials.

People of high position like ministers and other welcomed the approaching Bharata in every way as they had welcomed Dasaratha and as Indra was welcomed by celestials.

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dEv itim nag sMv&t>,
iStimt jlae mi[ zNo zkRr>,
dzrw sut zaei-ta s-a,
sdzrwa #v b-aE ywa pura. 28116

16. sabhaa= (That) assembly; dasharatha suta shobhitaa= made splendid by the son of Dasaratha; abhau= radiated; yathaapuraa= as before; sadasharathaa iva= as with Dasaratha; hrada iva= like a lake; stimitajalaH= of tranquil waters; maNi shaN^ka sharkaraH= sown with pearls shells and sand; timinaaga samvR^itaH= and filled with great fish and serpents.

That royal assembly, made splendid by Bharata the son of Dasartha, radiated as before as with the presence of Dasaratha, like a lake of tranquil waters sown with pearls shells and sand and filled with great fish and serpents.


#Tya;eR Imamay[e AaidkaVye AyaeXyaka{fe @kazIittm> sgR

Thus completes 81st Chapter of Ayodhya Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

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