Chapter [Sarga] 74


Bharata censures Kaikeyi saying that because of her, Dasaratha is dead and Rama is sent to exile. He abuses his mother of her greed for the kingdom and the misfortune thus brought to Kausalya, Sumitra and other mothers because of his fathers death and brothers exile to the forest. He compares the grief of the Kausalya with the grief of Kamadhenu the mythical cow who was aggrieved of a pair of bullocks (her sons) being harassed by a plough man. Bharata then promises that he would bring Rama back to Ayodhya and make him as a king.

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tam! twa ghRiyTva tu matrm! -rt> tda,
rae;e[ mhta Aaiv> punr @v AvId vc>. 2741

1. tadaa= then; bharataH= Bharata; garhayitvaa= reproaching; taam= her; tathaa= in that manner; punareva= again; abraviit= spoke; vachaH= these words; aavishhTaH= wrapped as he was; mahataaroshheNa= in great anger.

Reproaching Kaikeyi in that manner, Bharata again spoke the following words, wrapped as he was in great anger.

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raJyat! MzSv kEkeiy n&zMse cairi[,
pirTya c xmeR[ ma m&tm! dtI -v. 2742

2. kaikeyi= O, Kaikeyi; nR^ishamse; the cruel; dushhTachaariNi= and evil mannered woman! bhramshasva= Get lost; raajyaat= from the kingdom; parityaktaa= you, having abandoned; dharmeNa= righteousness; bhava= remain; rudatii= lamenting; maa= about me; mR^itam= who will be dead.

O, Kaikeyi! The cruel and evilmannered woman! Get lost from this kingdom. You having abandoned righteousness, remain lamenting about me, who will be dead soon.

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ikm! nu te A;yd raja ram> va -&z xaimRk>,
yyae> m&Tyur ivvas> c Tvt! kte tuLym! AagtaE. 2743

3. kimnu=what; aduushhayat=discredit; te=to you; raajaa= either the king; raamovaa= or Rama; bhR^ishadhaarmikaH= the highly righteous man (have done);yayoH= to whom; mR^ityuH= death; vivaasashcha= and exile; aagatou= have come; tulyam= at once; tvatkR^ite= because of you.

What harm king Dasaratha or the highly righteous Rama have done to you so harshly that Dasarathas death and Ramas exile have occurred at one and the same time because of you?

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yt! Tvya ih $zm! papm! ktm! "aere[ kmR[a,
svR laek iym! ihTva mm Aip Aapaidtm! -ym!. 2744

4. kaikeyi=O,Kaikeyi! Praapta asi= You got; bhruuNa hatyaam= the sin of killing an embryo. Vinaashanaat= because of the destruction; asyakulasya= of this race; gachchha= go; narakam= to hell; Kaikeyi= O, Kaikeyi! Maa cha= Do not get; salokataam= residence in the same heaven; bhartuH= with your husband.

O, Kaikeyi! You got the sin of killing an embryo because of the destruction of this race. O, Kaikeyi! Go to hell .Do not get the residence in the same heaven as your husband.

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yvya hIzm! papm! ktm! "aere[ kmR[a,
svRlaekiym! ihTva mmaPyapaidtm! -ym!. 2745

5. ghoreNa karmaNaa= by which terrific act; yat= wherefore; iidR^isham= such; paapam= a sin; kR^itam= was committed; tvayaa= by you; hitvaa= by forsaking; sarvalokapriyam= the persons beloved by all; bhayam= an awe; aapaditan= is created; mamaapi= in me also.

You have done this terrific act and committed such a great sin. By forsaking the persons beloved by all, an alarm has been created in me also.

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Tvt! kte me ipta v&> ram> c Ar{ym! Aait>,
Ayzae jIv laeke c Tvya Ahm! itpaidt>. 2746

6. me pitaa= my father; vR^ittaH= died; tvatkR^ite= because of you; raamashcha= Rama; aashritaH= is dwelling; araNyam= in a forest; aham=I; pratipaaditaH= am caused to attain; ayashaHcha= ill fame; jiivaloke= in this world of beings; tvayaa= by you.

My father died and Rama is dwelling in a forest, because of you. You got me ill fame in this world of beings.

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mat& pe mm Aime n&zMse raJy kamuke,
n te Ahm! Ai--a:yae AiSm v&Re pit "aitin. 2747

7. amitre= O, belligerent woman; mama meatR^iruupe= in the form of my mother! NR^ishamse= O, cruel woman; raajyakaamuke= O, woman greedy of kingdom; durvR^itte= of evil conduct; patimaatini= and who killed the husband! Aham= I; naasmi= am never; abhibhaashhyaH= to address; te= you.

Though in appearance you are my mother, you are inimical to me. You are a cruel woman, greedy of kingdom. With evil conduct, you killed your husband. I should never speak to you.

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kaEsLya c suima c ya> c ANya mm matr>,
hoen mhta Aaiva> Tvam! aPy kl i;[Im!. 2748

8. kausalyaa= Kausalya; sumitraacha= Sumitra; mama= and my; anyaaH= other; maataraH= mothers; aavishhTaaH= are engrossed; mahataa= in a great; duHkhena= misfortune; yaaH= wherefore; praapya= by falling victim; tvaam= to you; kuladuushhiNiim= who brought disgrace to our family.

Kausalya, Sumitra and my other mothers are engrossed in a great misfortune, by falling victim to you, who brought disgrace to our family.

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n Tvm! A pte> kNya xmR rajSy xImt>,
ra]sI t jata Ais kl XviMsnI iptu>. 2749
yt! Tvya xaimRkae ram> inTym! sTy pray[>,
vnm! Swaipt> hoat! ipta c iidvm! gt>. 27410

9, 10. yat= by what reason; raamah= Rama; dhaarmikaH= the righteous man; nityam satyaparaayaNaH= who is forever interested in truth; prasthaapitaH= was sent; vanam= to the forest; pitaacha= and my father; gataH= went; tridivam= to heaven; duHkhaat= because of grief; For that reason; tvaam=you; na= are not; kanyaa= the daughter; ashvapateH= of Asvapati; dharma raajasya=the pious king; dhiimataH= and a sensible man; asi= you were; jaataa= born; tatra=there; raakshhasii= as a demo ness; kulapradhvamsinii= to destroy the house; pituH= of my father

The righteous Rama, who is forever devoted to truth, was sent to the forest. Due to grief for his son, my father went to heaven. You do not seem to be the daughter of Asvapati, the pious and sensible king. You were born there as a demo ness, to destroy the house of my father.

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yt! xana Ais tt! papm! miy ipa ivna kte,
at&_yam! c pirTye svR laekSy c Aiye. 27411

11. yatpradhaanaasi= by which sin you are mainly having; tat= that; paapam= sin; kR^ita= has made me; pitraavinaa= father less; parityakte= abandoned; bhraatR^ibhyaam= by my brothers; mayi apriyecha= and I was disliked; sarvalokasya= by all the people.

The aforesaid sin you have committed has made me father less. Besides, I have been abandoned by my brothers and all the people dislike me now.

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kaEsLyam! xmR sMyuam! ivyuam! pap inye,
kTva km! aPSyse tu A* laekm! inry gaimnI. 27412

12. paapanishchaye= O, woman having evil desires! Nirayagaamini= moving towards hell! Kam lokam= which world; praapsyase= will you attain; adya= now; kR^ityaa= after making; kausalyaam= Kausalya; dharma samyuktaam= endowed with righteousness; viyuktaam= deprived of her son?

O, woman having evil desires, moving towards hell! Which world will you attain now, after making Kausalya endowed with righteousness, deprived of her son?

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ikm! n AvbuXyse re inytm! bNxu sMym!,
Jyem! ipt& smm! ramm! kaEsLyay AaTm sM-vm!. 27413

13. kruure= O, cruel woman! kim na avabuddhyase= dont you know ; raamam= that Rama; aatmasambhavam= the son; kausalyaayaaH= of Kausalya; niyatam= as self subdued; bandhu samshrayam= who is devoted to his relatives; jyeshhTham= the eldest brother; pitrR^isamam= and equal to the father?

O, cruel woman! Dont you know that Rama the son of Kausalya is a subdued man, who is devoted to his relatives and as an eldest brother, equal to a father?

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ANg TyNgj> pu> dyac! c Aip jayte,
tSmat! iytr> matu> iyTvan! n tu baNxv>. 27414

14. putraH= a son; aN^ga pratyaN^gajaH=is born from primary limbs and secondary members of the body ; jaayate= and born; hR^idayaachchaapi= from the heart too; tamaat= for that reason; (he is) priyatamaH= the most beloved; maatuH= to a mother; baandhavaaH= the other relatives; priyaa evatu= are only like friends.

A son is the most beloved to his mother as he is born from the primary and secondary limbs of her body and also from her heart. The other relatives are only like friends.

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ANyda ikl xmR}a suri-> sur sMmta,
vhmanaE ddzR %VyaRm! puaE ivgt cetsaE. 27415

15. anyadaa= once upon a time; surabhiH= Kamadhenu, the mythical cow of Vasista; dharmaj^Na= who knew righteousness; surasammataa= and worshipped by celestials; dadarshaka= is said to have seen; putrou= her sons; vahamaanou= dreaming having burden; urvayaam= on earth; vigatachetasou= and became unconscious.

Once upon a time, Kamadhenu the mythical cow of Vasista, who knew righteousness and was worshipped by celestials, is said to have seen her sons, drawing a heavy burden on earth and became unconscious.

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tav! AxR idvse aNtaE va puaE mhI tle,
raed pu zaeken ba:p pyaRkl $][a. 27416

16. dR^ishhTvaa=seeing; putrou=the sons; shraantou= fatigued with labor; ardhadivasam= for a half part of their day; mahiitale= on earth; ruroda= cried; baashhpa paryaakulekshhaNaa=with eyes full of tears; putra shokena= in grief for the fate of her sons.

Seeing her sons (a pair of bullocks) fatigued, after toiling for half a part of their day on earth, Kamadhenu the mythical cow cried with her eyes full of tears in grief for the fate of her sons.

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AxStat! jt> tSya> sur ra}ae mhaTmn>,
ibNdv> pitta gae sUma> suri- giNxn>. 27417

17. tasyaaH= that mythical cows; suukshhmaaH= small; bindavaH= tear drops; surabhi gandhinaH= bearing good smell; patitaH= fell; gaatre= on the limbs; mahaatmanaH= of the high soled; suraraajN^aH= Indra the god of celestials; vrajataH= who was traveling; adhastaat= in the lower region.

Small and sweet smelling tear drops of that mythical cow fell on the limbs of the high soled Indra the lord of celestials, who was traveling below in a lower region.

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#Nae=Pyuinpatm! tm! Svgae pu{ygiNxnm!,
suri-m! mNyte va -UysIm! tam! surer>. 27418

18. dR^ishhTvaa= seeing; tam= those; puN^yagandhinam= sweet scented; ashrupaatam= tears falling; svagaatre= on his limbs; indro api= Indra; sureshvaraaH= the lord of celestials; manyate= thought; taam= her; bhuumyasiim= to be the great; surabhim= Kamadhenu the mythical cow.

Seeing those sweet- scented tears falling on his limbs, Indra the Lord of celestials identified the tears to be those of the great Kamadhenu the mythical cow.

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inrIKsma[> zStam! ddzR suri-m! iSwtam!,
Aakaze ivitam! dInam! dtIm! -&z>iotam!. 27419

19. niriikshhamaaNaH= looking; aakaashe= into the sky; shakraH= Indra; dadarsha= saw; taam surabhim= that Kamadhenu; sthitaam= standing there; vishhThitaam= with anguish; diinaam= and pitiably; rudatiim= crying; bhR^ishaduHkhitaam= with great sorrow.

Looking into the sky, Indra saw that Kamadhenu standing there with anguish and pitiably weeping with great grief.

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tam! va zaek sMtam! v pai[r yziSvnIm!,
#N> aNjilr %iֶ> sur rajae AvId vc>. 27420

20. suraraajaH= the lord of celestials; indraH= Indra; vajraH paaNiH=with a thunder bolt in his hand; dR^ishhTvaa= seeing; taam= that Kamadhenu the mythical cow; yashashviniim= a beautiful one who was tormented with grief; abraviit= spoke; praaN^jaliH= with joined palms; udvignaH= anxious as he was; vaakyam= the following words:

Indra the lord of celestials with a thunder bolt in his hand, seeing that beautiful Kamadhenu the mythical cow, tormented with grief, spoke eagerly with joined palms to her, as follows:

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-ym! kin! n c ASmasu ktit! iv*te mht!,
kt> inim> zaek> te Uih svR iht @i;i[. 27421

21. sarvahitaishhiNi= O, cow the well wisher of all ; na vidyate kachchit = Is there not indeed; kutashchit= from any where; mahat= a great; bhayam= panic; asmaasu= to us? Kutonimittam= for what occasion te= is your; shokaH sorrow?

O, cow the well wisher of all! I hope there is no great panic from any quarter to us. For what occasion is your sorrow?

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@vm! %a tu suri-> sur rajen xImta,
pTyuvac tt> xIra vaKym! vaKy ivzarda. 27422

22. evam= thus; uktaa= spoken; dhiimataa= by the intelligent; suraraajena= Indra the god of celestials; dhiiraa= the prudent; surabhiH= Kamadhenu; vaakya vishaaradam= who was skilled in expressing words; tataH= then; pratyuvaacha= replied; vaakyam= the following words:

Hearing the words of the intelligent Indra the god of celestials, the prudent Kamadhenu who was skilled in expressing words, replied as follows:

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zaNtm! patm! n v> ikiMct! ktit! Amr Aixp,
Ahm! tu maE zaecaim Sv puaE iv;me iSwtaE. 27423
@taE va k;aE dInaE sUyR riZm taipnaE,
AXyRmanaE blI vdaER k;Rke[ sur Aixp. 27424

23. paapam shaantam= Heaven forefend the evil! Amaraadhiapa= O, Indra the Lord of celestials! Na= there is no; kashchit= danger whatsoever; vaH= to you; kitashchit=from anywhere; dR^ishhTvaa= seeing; etou= these; balivardou= pair of bullocks; svaputram= my sons; sthitou= who are; vishhame= in hardship; suuryarashmi prataapitou= who are being scorched by suns rays; kR^ishou= who became weak; ardyamaanou= being trobled; karshhakeNa=by the one who ploughs; magnou= and immersed in grief ; aham= I; diina= am pitiably; shochaami= weeping ; suraadhipa= O, Indra!

Heaven forefend that evil! O, Indra the lord of celestials! There is no danger whatsoever to you from any quarter. Seeing these pair of bullocks, my sons, who are in hardship, being scorched by suns rays, becoming weak, being troubled by the man who ploughs the land and being immersed in grief, I am pitiably weeping O, Indra!

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mm kayat! sUtaE ih hiotaE -ar pIiftaE,
yaE va pirtPye Ahm! n AiSt pu sm> iy>. 27425

25. Dr^ishhTvaa=by seeing; you=whom; bhaarapiiDitou= that are afflicted with burden; duHkhitou= and aggrieved; aham= I; paritapye= am anguished; (they) prasuutaaH hi= are indeed born; mama= from my; kaayaat= body; naasti= there is no; priyaH= dearest; putraa samah= equal to a son.

By seeing them who are afflicted with the burden and aggrieved, I am greatly anguished. They are indeed born of my body. There is no dearest one equal to a son indeed!

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ySya> pu shEStu kTm! Vyaimdm! jgt!,
tam! va dtIm! zae n sutaNmNyte prm!. 27426

26. dR^ishhTvaa= seeing; taam= such a sacred cow; rudatiim= weeping; yasyaaH= whose; putrashataiH= hundreds of sons; vyaaptam= pervaded; idam jagat= throughout this world; shakraH= indra ; na manyate= reckoned none; param= as more than; sutaat= a son(to a mother).

Seeing such a sacred cow weeping, whose hundreds of sons pervaded the entire world, Indra reckoned none whosoever as more than a son (to a mother) .

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sda=itmv&aya laekxar[kaMyya,
ImTya gu[inTyaya> Sv-avpirceya. 27427
ySya> pushai[ saip zaecE kamxuk,
ikm! punr ya ivna ramm! kaEsLya vtRiy:yit. 27428

27. saa= such; kaamadhuk api= Kamadhenu even; loka dhaaraNa kaamyayaa= who is desirous of maintaining the world; sadaa= and always; apratimavR^ttaayaaH= having unequalled conduct; shriimatyaaH= the venerable one; svabhaavaparicheshhTayaa= by its nature functioning ; guNa nityaayaaH= forever with good qualities; yasyaaH= to whom; putrasahasraaNi= there are thousands of sons; shochati= is lamenting; kimpunaH= how much more; yaa= indeed; kausalyaa= Kausalya; vartayishhyati= will drag her existence; raamam vinaa= without Rama?

Such a Kamadhenu the sacred cow, which is desirous of maintaining the world always having unequalled behavior, the venerable one, by its very nature functioning forever with good qualities and to whom there are thousands of sons, is lamenting, how much more indeed Kausalya will drag her existence, without Rama?

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@k pua c saXvI c ivvTsa #ym! Tvya kta,
tSmat! Tvm! sttm! hom! eTy c #h c lPSyse. 27429

29. iyam=she; ekaputraacha= who has only one son; saadhviicha= and who is a holy woman; kR^itaa= has been made; vivitsaa= without a child; tvayaa= by you; tasmaat= therefore; tvam= you; lapsyase= will obtain; duHkham= grief; satatam= forever; pretyacha= after death; ihacha= and even on earth.

She, who has only one son and who is a holy woman, has been made without a child by you. Thereafter, you will obtain grief forever after your death or even here while living.

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Ahm! ih Apicitm! atu> iptu> c sklam! #mam!,
vxRnm! yzs> c Aip kir:yaim n sMzy>. 27430

30. aham= I on my part; karishhyaami= shall toil; imaam= for this; sampuurNaam= complete; apachitam= compensation ; bhraatuH= for my brother; pitushcha= and my father; yashasaH= and for their glory; vardhanam= and prosperity ; na samshayaH= there is no doubt.

I for my part, shall toil for the complete reinstatement of my brother and complete the obsequial rites due to my father as well as for their prosperity and glory. There is no doubt.

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AanayiyTva tnym! kaEsLyaya mha *uitm!,
Svym! @v veyaim vnm! muin in;eivtm!. 27431

31. kausalyaah tanayam= Rama the son of Kausalya ; mahaabalam= of great prowess; aanaayayitvaa= will be brought back; svayameva= and I myself; pravekshhyaami= will enter; vanam= the forest; muninishhevitam= frequented by the sages.

Rama the son of Kausalya, of great prowess will be brought back to Ayodhya and I, myself will go to the forest inhabited by the sages.

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n hm! papsMkLpe pape papm! Tvya ktm!,
zae xariytum! paErEruk{QE inRrIi]t>. 27432

32. paape= O, wretched one! Paapasamkalpe= O, the evil minded one! PouraiH=the citizens; niriikshhitaH= being seen; ashrukaN^ThaiH= with their throats filled with tears; nashaktaH hi= I am not indeed able; dhaarayitum= to endure; paapam= the inequity; kR^itam= done; tvayaa= by you.

O, wretched and evil minded woman! By seeing the sorrow stricken citizens, I am indeed not able to bear the inequity done by you.

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sa Tvmim! ivz va Svym! va d{fkaiNvz,
rum! bxan va k{Qe n ih te=NyTpray[m!. 27433

33. saa tvam= as for you; pravisha= enter; agnimvaa= the fire or; visha= enter; svayam= yourself; daNdakaaranyaa= into the forest of Dandaka; vaa= or; badhaana= bind; rajjum= a rope; kaNThe= around your neck; nahi= There is indeed no; anyat= other; paraayaNam= way of recourse; te= to you.

As for you, enter the fire or you yourself go to forest of Dandaka.or fasten a rope around your neck. There is no other recourse for you.

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AhmPyvinm! ae rame sTyprame,
ktkTyae -iv:yaim ivvaistkLm;>. 27434

34. (After) raame= Rama; satyaparaakrame= the truly mighty man; praapte= obtains; avanim= his native land; ahamapi= I even; bhavishhyaami= will become; kR^itakR^ityaH= an accomplished man; vipravaasita kalmashhaH= with my sins duly washed away.

After Rama the truly mighty man, obtains his native land, I will even become an accomplished man, with my sins duly washed away.

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#it nagEv Ar{ye taemr ANkz caeidt>,
ppat -uiv sMae inhs! #v pg>. 27435

35. naagaH iva= as an elephant; araNye= in a forest; choditaH= pricked with a javelin and a goad; pannaH iva= and as a serpent; niHshvasan= hissing; (Bharata); samkR^iddhaH= was enraged; iti= after speaking in this manner; papaata= and fell; bhuvi= on the ground.

As an elephant in a forest pricked with a javelin and a goad and as a hissing serpent, Bharata was enraged and fell on the ground.

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s ne> iziwl AMbr> tda,
ivxUt svR Aa-r[> prMtp>,
b-Uv -UmaE pitt> n&p AaTmj>,
zcI pte> ketur #v %Tsv ]ye. 27436

36. tadaa= then; samraktanetraH= his eyes inflamed; shithilaambaraH= his clothes in disarray; vidhuutasarvaabharaNaH= his all ornaments discarded; nR^ipaatmajaH=Bharata, the prince; paramtapaH= the tormentor of foes;patitaH= lay; bhuumou= on the earth; babhuuva= was ; keturiva= like a banner; shachiipateH= of Indra; utsavakshhaye= raised at the end of a ceremony.

His eyes inflamed, his clothes in disarray, and his all ornaments discarded, Bharata the prince and the tormentor of foes, lay on the earth, like a banner of Indra raised at the end of a ceremony**


#Tya;eR Imamay[e AaidkaVye AyaeXyaka{fe ctu>sittm> sgR

Thus completes 74nd Chapter of Ayodhya Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

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