Chapter [Sarga] 114


Bharata enters Ayodhya city, which appears to him gloomy and asks his charioteer why the city is looking luster-less. Thus speaking in many ways, Bharata enters his father's house which exhibits a vacant look and feels distressed.

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iGx gM-Ir "ae;e[ SyNdnen %pyan! -u>,
AyaeXyam! -rt> i]m! ivvez mha yza>. 21141

1. bharataH= Bharata; mahaayashaaH= the highly illustrious; prabhuH= Lord; upayaan= riding; syndanena= on a chariot; snigdhagambhiiraghoSeNa= producing a gentle and deep sound; pravivesha= entered; kSipram= soon; ayodhyaam= the city of Ayodhya.

The highly illustrious Lord, Bharata riding on a chariot emanating a gentle and deep sound entered soon the city of Ayodhya.

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ibfal %lUk cirtam! AalIn nr var[am!,
itimr A_yahtam! kalIm! Akazam! inzam! #v. 21142

2. biDaa loluuka charitaam= (He entered the city) frequented by cats and owls; aaliina nara vaaraNaam= abiding with crouched men and elephants; nishaamiva= looking like a night; timiraabhyaahataam= enveloped by gloom; aprakaashaam= indistinctness; kaLiim= and darkness.

He entered the city, frequented by cats and owls, abiding with crouched men and elephants and looking like a night enveloped by gloom, indistinctness and darkness.

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ra zae> iyam! pIm! iya Jvilt -am!,
he[ A_yuiTwten @kam! raeih[Im! #v pIiftam!. 21143

3. rohiNiimiva= like the planet Rohini; ekaam= the lonely one; priyaam= the beloved; patniim= consort; raahushatroH= of the moon-god (treated as the enemy by the demon Rahu); piiDitaam= tormented; grahena= by the planet Rahu*; abhyutthitena= in the ascendant; prajvalita prabhaam= though invested with an exceedingly bright splendour; shriyaa= by virtue of her glory.

Ayodhya looked like the planet Rohini, the beloved consort of the moon-god (treated as the enemy by the demon Rahu), tormented by planet Rahu* in the ascendant though ordinarily invested with an exceedingly bright splendour by virtue of her glory.

*The demon presiding over a planet of the same name figuring in Indian astronomy and identified by modern astronoy with the shadow of the earth cast on the orb of the moon during what is known as a lunar eclipse.

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ALp %:[ ]uBx sillam! "mR % ivhMgmam!,
lIn mIn H; aham! kzam! igir ndIm! #v. 21144

4. girinadiimiva= (Ayodhya further looked); kR^ishaam= emaciated, like a mountain stream; alopoSNa kSubdha salilaam= whose scanty waters had become hot and agitated; gharmoptapta vihangamaam= birds living in which were scorched by the sun; liina miinajhaSagraahaam= and whose fish, small and big and alligators had perished.

Ayodhya further looked emaciated like a mountain stream, whose scanty waters had become hot and agitated, birds living in which were scorched by the sun, and whose fish, small and big and alligators had perished.

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ivxUmam! #v hem Aa-am! AXvr Ai smuiTwtam!,
hivr A_yui]tam! pat! izoam! ivlym! gtam!. 21145

5. (Ayodhya looked); shikhaamiva= like a flame; adhvaraagne= of sacrificial fire; (which when) havirbhyukSitaam= oblation is poured into it; samutthitaam= rises; hemabhaam= like a golden cone; vidhuumam= without smoke; pashchaat= and thereafter; gataam= sinks into vipralayam= extinction (ash).

Ayodhya looked like a flame of sacrificial fire which when oblation is poured into it, rises like a golden cone without smoke and thereafter sinks into extinction (ash).

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ivXvSt kvcam! G[ gj vaij rw Xvjam!,
ht vIram! Aapam! cmUm! #v mha Aahve. 21146

6. (Ayodhya looked terrific); aapannaam chamuumiva= like an afflicted army; vidhvasta kavachaam= shattered of its armour; mahaahave= in a great battle; ragNa gaja vaaji rathadhvajaam= whose ensigns borne on horses, elephants, chariots had been torn; hata praviinaam= its heroic warriors slain.

Ayodhya looked like an afflicted army, shattered of its armour in a major conflict, whose ensigns borne on horses, elephants and chariots had been torn, and its heroic warriors slain.

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s)enam! sSvnam! -UTva sagrSy smuiTwtam!,
zaNt mat %σtam! jl ^imRm! #v inhSvnam!. 21147

7. (Ayodhya appeared); jalormimiva= like the waves of the sea; samutthitaam= though tossed very high; sa phanaam= with foam; sasvanaam= and a roar; bhuutvaa= is rendered; missvanaam= noiseless; prashaanta maarutoddhuutaam= being shaken up by a silent wind.

Ayodhya appeared like the waves of the sea though tosses very high with foam and a roar, is rendered noiseless, being shaken up by a silent wind.

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Tyam! yJn AayuxE> svERr Ai-pE> c yajkE>,
suTya kale ivinv&Re veidm! gt rvam! #v. 21148

8. (Ayodhya appeared); vedimiiva= like a sacred altar; suttyaakaale= which; when the period of offering oblations into the sacred ifre; vinivR^ite= has completely expired; tyaktaam= has been cleared; sarvaiH= of all; yajJNaayndhaiH= sacrificial implements; gataravaam= and deserted of recitations; abhiruupaiH= by the learned; yaajakaiH= priests.

Ayodhya appeared like a sacred altar, which, when the period of offering oblations into fire has completely expired, has been cleared of all sacrificial implements and deserted of recitations by the learned priests.

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gae mXye iSwtam! AataRm! AcrNtIm! nvm! t&[m!,
gae v&;e[ pirTyam! gvam! pIm! #v %Tsukam!. 21149

9. (Ayodhya appeared) utsuka patniimiva= like restless kine; parityaktaam= deprived of; govR^iSeNa= the bull; acharantiim= who cease to graze; navam tR^iNam= in the new pasture; sthitaam- and stand; goSTamadhye= in the cow-pen; aartaam= dispirited.

Ayodhya appeared like restless kine, deprived of the bull, who cease to graze in new pastures and stand in the cow-pen, dispirited.

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-a kralE> suiGxE> Jvlir #v %mE>,
ivyuam! mi[i-r jaTyEr nvam! mua AavlIm! #v. 211410

10. (Ayodhya appeared); navaam muktavaliimiva= like a new pearl-necklace; viyuktaam= bereft of; maNibhiH= gems; prabhaakaraadyaiH= rubies and the like; susnigdhaiH= well- polished; prajvaldbhiriva= dazzling; uttamaiH= excellent ; jaatyaiH= and of genuine quality.

Ayodhya was resembling a new pearl-necklace, bereft of well- polished dazzling and excellent gems, rubies and the like, of genuine quality.

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shsa ciltam! Swanan! mhIm! pu{y ]yad gtam!,
sMt *uit ivStaram! taram! #v idv> Cyutam!. 211411

11. (Ayodhya appeared); taaraamiva= like a meteor; chalitaam= which moved; sthaanaat= from its position; puNyakSayaat= due to exhaustion of virtue; samvR^ita dyuti vistaaraam= with reduced dissemination of light; sahasaa= quickly; chyutaam= dropped; divaH= from the sky; gataam= and fallen to; mahiim= earth.

Ayodhya appeared like a meteor, which moved from its position with its virtue exhausted, soon dropped from the sky and fallen to earth, deprived of its splendour.

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pu:p nam! vsNt ANte m mr zailnIm!,
Ԃt dav Ai ivPluam! aNtam! vn ltam! #v. 211412

12. (Ayodhya appeared); vanalataamiva= like a flowering creeper; puSpa naddhaam= laden with blossom; vasantaante= in the spring-tide; matt bhramara naaditaam= reverberant with intoxicated bees; drutadaavaagni vipluSTaam= that is suddenly consumed by a forest fire, klaantaam= and withering.

Ayodhya appeared like a flowering creeper laden with blossom in the spring-tide, frequented by a swarm of intoxicated bees, that is suddenly consumed by a forest fire and withering.

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sMmUF ingmam! svaRm! siM] ivp[ Aap[am!,
GCA ziz n]am! *am! #v AMbu xrEr v&tam!. 211413

13. (Ayodhya resembled); dyaamiva= like a firmament; vR^itaam= covered; ambudharaiH= with clouds; prachchhanna shashi nakSatraam= with the moon and the stars obscured; sammuuDharigamaam= with its senseless traffic; stabdhaam= paralyzed; samkSipta vipaNaa paNaam= the fairs and markets closed.

With its senseless traffic paralyzed and with its fairs and markets closed, Ayodhya resembled like a firmament, covered with clouds, with the moon and stars obscured.

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]I[ pan %mEr i-E> zravEr Ai-sMv&tam!,
ht zaE{fam! #v Aakaze pan -Uimm! AsMSktam!. 211414

14. (Ayodhya appeared splendour less); paana bhuumim iva= like a tavern; aakaashe= in an open space; hatashauN^Daam= with its vendor of spirituous liquors killed; kSiiNa paanottamaiH= the excellent wine expended; sharaavaiH= the drinking pots and glasses; bhagraiH= broken; abhisamvR^itaam= laid aside; dhvastaam= and scattered in disorder; asamskR^itaam= and uncleaned.

Ayodhya appeared splendourless, like a deserted and uncleaned tavern, with its vendor of spirituous liquors killed, the excellent wine expended, its drinking pots and glasses broken and the pieces stewn in disorder.

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v&K[ -Uim tlam! inam! v&K[ paE> smav&tam!,
%pyu %dkam! -am! pam! inpittam! #v. 211415

15. (Ayodhya resembled); prapaamiva= like a cistern supplying water; vR^ikNa bhuumi talaam= its platform rivers; upayuktodakaam= its water spent; vR^ikNa paatraiH= its jars and earthen vessels broken; samaavR^itaam= and perished; mimnaam= collapsed; bhagnaam= shattered; nipatitaam= and fell down.

Ayodhya resembled a cistern erected for storage and distribution of water, but now broken and collapsed with its platform riven and sunk, and covered with broken jars and earthen vessels, its water having been used up.

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ivpulam! ivttam! cEv yu pazam! triSvnam!,
-UmaE ba[Er ivin:kam! pittam! Jyam! #v Aayuxat!. 211416

16. (Ayodhya resembled); jyaamvia= a bow-string; vipulaam= which was large; vitataam= and bent; yukta paashaam= with suitable noose at both ends; viniSkR^ittaam= severed; aayudhaat= from the bow; baaNaiH= by the arrows; tarasvinaam= of heroes; patitaam= and fallen; bhuumam= to the ground.

Ayodhya resembled a bow-string, which was large and bent, with suitable noose at both ends, but severed from the bow by the arrows of heroes and fallen to the ground.

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shsa yu zaE{fen hy Aaraehe[ vaihtam!,
inhtam! itsENyen vfvaimv paittam!. 211417

17. (Ayodhya appeared); vaDavaamiva= like a mare= suddenly; hayaaroheNa= by a horse-man; yuddha shauNDena= skilled in war-fare; paatitaam= and fallen down; nihataam= when killed; pratisainyena= by the opposite army.

Ayodhya appeared like a mare, urged on suddenly by a horse-man, skilled in war-fare and fallen down when killed by the opposite army.

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-rtStu rwSw> sn! Iman! dzrwaTmj>,
vahyNt< rwe< sariwm! vaKymvIt!. 211418

18. rathasthassan= sitting in the chariot; shriimaan= the glorious; bharatastu= Bharata; dasharathaatmajaH= the vaakyam= the following words; saarathiim= to the charioteer; vaahayantam= who was riding; ratha shreSTham= the excellent chariot.

Sitting in the chariot, the glorious Bharata, the son of Dasaratha, spoke the following words to the charioteer who was riding his excellent chariot:

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ikm! nu oLv* gMbIrae mUicRtae n inzMyte,
ywapurmyaeXyayam! gItvaidinSvn>. 211419

19. kim nu khalu= how is it; gambhiiraH= that the deep; muurchhitaH= and intensified; giitavaaditranisvanaH= sound of vocal and instrumental music; na nishamyate= is not heard; yathaa puraa= as before; ayodhyaam= in Ayodhya; adya= today?

"How is it that the deep and intensified sound of vocal and instrumental music is not heard as before in Ayodhya today?"

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va[ImdgNx maLygNx mUicRt>,
xUiptaggNx n vait smNtt>. 211420

20. vaaruNii madagandhashcha= the intoxicating odour of spirituous liquor; maalya gandhashcha= or the fragrance of floral garlands; dhuupitaa garu gandhashcha= or the aroma of aloe-wood fumes; muurchitaH= which used to be spread; samantataH= on all sides; na pravaati= are not being wafted.

"The intoxicating odour of spirituous liquor or the fragrance of floral garlands or the aroma of sandal and aloe-wood fumes, which used to be spread once on all sides, are not being wafted."

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yanvr"ae; iGx hyinSvn>,
mgjnad mhaM rwinSvn>. 211421
nedanIm! Uyte puyaRmSyam! rame ivvaiste. 211422

21, 22. vivaasite= Due to exile; raame= of Rama; yaana pravara ghoSashcha= the sound of the excellent carriages; snigdhaH= the charming; hayanishvanashcha= sound of the horses; pramatta gajanaadashcha= the sound of the intoxicating elephants; mahaan ratha nisranaH cha= and the clattering of the great chariots; na shruuyate= are not heard; asyaam puraam= in this city; idaaniim= now.

"O, Sumantra! I do not hear, as before, the sound of the horses, the sound of the intoxicating elephants and the clattering of the great chariots in this city now."

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cNdnagagNxaM mhahR nvj>. 211423
gte ih rame t[a> s<ta naep-ute,

23. raame= Rama; gate= having left Ayodhya; taruNaaH= the youth; samtaptaaH= in distress; nopabhujJNate= are not making use of; chandanaagarugandhaamshcha= the perfumes of sandal-wood and aloe-wood; mahaarhaaH= and the excellent; navasrajashcha= fresh floral garlands.

"Rama, having left Ayodhya, the distressful youth are not making use of the perfumes like sandal-wood, aloe wood as also the most admirable and fresh floral garlands."

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bihyaRa< n gCDiNt icmaLyxra nra>. 211424
naeTsva> sMvtRNte ramzaekaidRte pure,

24. pure= in the city; raamashokaardite= afflicted by the grief of Rama's desertion; naraaH= people; na gachchhanti= are not going; bahiH= out; yaatraam= for pleasure-trips; chitramaalyadharaaH= wearing colourful garlands; na= nor; utsavaaH= festivals sampravartante= are observed.

"In the city afflicted by Rama's desertion, people are not going out for pleasure-trips, wearing colourful garlands nor festivals are observed by them."

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sh nUnm! mm aa purSyaSy *uitgRta. 211425
n ih rajTyyaeXyey< sasarevajuRnI ]pa,

25. dyutiH= the luster; asya purasya= of this city; gata= has departed; mama bhraatraa saha= along with my brother; nuunam= it is a certain; iyam= this; ayodhyaa= Ayodhya; na raajati hi= is not shining indeed; saasaaraa kSapaa iva= like a rainy night; arjunii= at the time of the waning moon.

"The lustre of Ayodhya has departed along with my brother. It is certain. This Ayodhya is not shining indeed, like a rainy night at the time of the waning moon."

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kda nu olu me ata mhaeTsv #vagt>. 211426
jniy:yTyyaeXyaya< h;Rm! I:m #vaMbud>,

26. kadaa= when; me bhraataa= will my brother; aagataH= return; mahotsava iva= like a carnival; janayiSayi nu khalu= diffusing; harSam= joy; ayodhyaam= in Ayodhya; griiSme aambudaH iva= as do the autumnal rains?

"When will my brother return, like a carnival, diffusing joy in Ayodhya, as do the autumnal rains?"

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t[E> ca ve;E> c nrEr %t gaimi->,
sMptir AyaeXyayam! n iv-aiNt mha pwa>. 211427

27. mahaapathaaH= the high ways; ayodhyaam= in Ayodhya; naabhibhaanti= are not glittering; taruNaiH= with youthful; naraiH= people; chaaru veSaiH= richly attired; unnatagaamibhiH= bearing themselves bravely; sampatadbhiH= and roaming about in groups.

"The highways in Ayodhya are not glittering with youthful people, richly attired, bearing themselves bravely and roaming about in groups."

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@vm! b ivxm! jLpn! ivvez vsitm! iptu>,
ten hInam! nr #Ne[ isMh hInam! guham! #v. 211428

28. evam= thus; jalpan= speaking; bahuvidham= in many ways; (Bharata); vivesha= entered; pituH= his father's; vasatim= house; hiinaam= bereft of; tena= that; narendreNa= king; guhaamiva= and which resembled a cave; simhahiinaam= bereft of a lion.

Thus speaking in many ways, Bharata entered his father's house, bereft of that emperor and which resembled a cave bereft of a lion.

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tda tdNT>purmuiJ"t-m!,
surEirvaeTs&m-aSkrm! idnm!,
inrIy svRm! tu ivivmaTmvan!,
mumaec ba:p< -rt> su>iot>. 211432

29. bharataH= Bharata; aatmavaan= a composed man; tadaa= then; mumocha= shed; baaSpam= tears; niriikSya= by seeing; tat sarvam antaHpuram= that entire gynaecium; divamivva= looking like a day; abhaaskaram= without the sun; ujjhitaprabham= with relinquished radiance; viviktam= and empty.

Bharata, though a composed man himself, shed tears by seeing that entire empty gynaecium, looking like a day without the sun with its relinquished radiance.


#Tya;eR Imaamay[e AaidkaVye AyaeXyaka{fe
ctudRzaerzttm> sgR

Thus completes 114th Chapter of Ayodhya Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

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