Chapter [Sarga] 58


Rama is anguished for Seetha's aloneness and it is expressed in his chastening Lakshmana. Rama asks him as to why he left Seetha unguarded in the lonely forest. Rama rushes rapidly to hermitage thinking and talking that rapidly to Lakshmana about Seetha, and on arriving he finds vacuity in hermitage and then he is thrown in throes of despair.

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s va lm[m! dInm! zUNym! dzrw AaTmj>,
pyRp&CDt xmaRATma vEdehIm! Aagtm! ivna. 3581

1. dharmaaatmaa= virtue-souled one; saH dasharatha aatmajaH= he that, Dasharatha's, son [Rama]; shuunyam [shuunye]= void of [in void forest]; vaidehiim vinaa aagatam = Vaidehi, without [devoid of,] who has come; diinam lakSmaNam dR^iSTvaa = dreary, Lakshmana, on seeing; pari apR^icChata= verily [impatiently] asked.

On seeing dreary Lakshmana coming into the void of forest devoid of Vaidehi, then the virtue-souled Rama, the son of Dasharatha, has asked him impatiently. [3-58-1]

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iSwtm! d{fk Ar{ym! ya mam! Anujgam h,
Kv sa lm[ vEdehI yam! ihTva Tvm! #h Aagt>. 3582

2. lakSmaNa= oh, Lakshmana; daNDaka araNyam prasthitam= to Dandaka, forest, one who started for peregrination; maam= me; yaa= she who; anu jagaama ha= in tow, came along, indeed; yaam hitvaa = whom, on deserting; tvam iha aagataH= you, to here, came [lonely]; saa vaidehii kva= she, Vaidehi, where [is she?]

"She who has come in tow with me to Dandaka forest when I started for peregrination, whom you have now deserted and came here, oh, Lakshmana, she that Vaidehi, where is she? [3-58-2]

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raJy Sy dInSy d{fkan! pirxavt>,
Kv sa >o shaya me vEdehI tnu mXyma. 3583

3. raajya bhraSTasya= one whose - kingdom, is forfeited; daNDakaan pari dhaavataH= to Dandaka forest, about, running - rushing for; diinasya= a forlorn one - at the time of exile; me duHkha sahaayaa= in mine, in woe, partaker - one who stood as a partaker in my woes; tanu madhyamaa= slender waisted lady - a comely lady; saa vaidehii kva = she, that Vaidehi, where is she?

"When I have become forlorn with the forfeiture of my kingdom and when I was rushing for Dandaka forest she stood with me as a partaker in my woes. She that comely Vaidehi, where is she? [3-58-3]

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yam! ivna n %Tshe vIr mutRm! Aip jIivtum!,
Kv sa a[ shaya me sIta sur sut %pma. 3584

4. viira= oh, valiant one; yaam vinaa= [she] whom, without; muhuurtam api= for a moment, even; jiivitum= to live; na utsahe= not, enthused - disinclined; saa= she - who is; sura suta upamaa= gods, daughter, in simile - nymphlike; me praaNa sahaayaa= my, to life, helpmate - one who supports my life - life-force; siitaa kva= Seetha, where is she?

"Without whom I am disinclined to live even for a moment, oh, valiant one, such a Seetha who in simile is like the daughter of deities and who is my life-force, where is she? [3-58-4]

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pitTvm! Amra[am! va p&iwVya> c Aip lm[,
ivna tam! tpnIy Aa-am! n #CDeym! jnk AaTmjam!. 3585

5. lakSmaNa= oh, Lakshmana; tapaniiya aabhaam= like gold, glistering - by complexion; taam janaka aatmajaam vinaa= her, Janaka, daughter of, without; amaraaNaam patitvam= on immortals [heavens,] rulership; pR^ithivyaaH ca api vaa = of earth, also, even, either; na icCheyam= not, I ambition - unambitious of.

"I am unambitious for the rulership either on heavens or on the earth, oh, Lakshmana, without the daughter of Janaka whose aspect glisters like gold. [3-58-5]

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kit! jIvit vEdehI a[E> iytra mm,
kit! ajnm! vIr n me imWya -iv:yit. 3586

6. viira= oh, valiant one; mama praaNaiH priya taraa= by my, lives, dear, more than; vaidehii= Vaidehi; jiivati kaccit= alive, somehow; me pravraajanam= my, peregrination; mithyaa na bhaviSyati kaccit= illusory [futile,] not, become, someway.

"Vaidehi who is dearer to me than my lives, will she be alive somehow! Oh, valiant Lakshmana, this peregrination of mine, will it not become futile, someway! [3-58-6]

Annex: I neither can live devoid of Seetha, nor can complete the pledge of fourteen-year period of forest trek for ultimate annihilation of Ravana. If Seetha is dead I am also dead. Then I have live to fulfil the pledge. But when I am dead I will become a killer of my own pledge than my own body. If Seetha is no more what happens to her abduction, Ravana's elimination, and my pledge to gods and my incarnation...

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sIta inimm! saEime m&te miy gte Tviy,
kit! s kama suiota kEkeyI sa -iv:yit. 3587

7. saumitre= oh, Soumitri; siitaa nimittam mayi mR^ite= Seetha, for the sake of, I am, being dead; tvayi gate= you, on getting back [lonesomely to Ayodhya]; saa kaikeyii= she, Kaikeyi; sa kaama= with [accomplished,] wishes; sukhitaa= comfortable; bhaviSyati kaccit= will become, somewhat.

"When I am dead for the sake of Seetha and when you get back to Ayodhya lonesomely, and when Kaikeyi's wishes are accomplished thus, oh, Soumitri, will she be comfortable, somewhat! [3-58-7]

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s pu raJyam! is AwaRm! m&t pua tpiSvnI,
%pSwaSyit kaEsLya kit! saEMyen saEMy n kEkyIm!. 3588

8. saumya= oh, gentle one; putraa mR^ita= while son, is dead - because of son's death; tapasvinii kausalyaa= [my] austerely [mother,] Kausalya; sa putra raajyaam= one who is having, a son, a kingdom; siddha arthaam= one who has achieved, purposes - Kaikeyi; kaikayiim= at Kaikeyi; [saumyena= humbly]; na upa sthaasyati kaccit= not, nearby, stays [be in attendance - get into servitude] anyhow.

"Kaikeyi is with her son, with a kingdom, and further her 'purposes are achieved,' oh, gentle Lakshmana, and because of the death of her son will my austerely mother Kausalya humbly get into the servitude of Kaikeyi, anyhow! [3-58-8]

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yid jIvit vEdehI gim:yaMy! Aamm! pun>,
suv&a yid v&a sa a[an! Tyyaim lm[. 3589

9. lakSmaNa= oh, Lakshmana; vaidehii jiivati yadi = Vaidehi, is alive, if; punaH aashramam gamiSyaamy = again, to hermitage, I wish to get at; yadi [vaa]= else if; saa= she; su vR^ittaa= who is - of good, conduct; vR^ittaa = conducted out [by death]; praaNaan tyakSyaami= lives, I give up.

"I wish to get at the hermitage again if only that Vaidehi of good-conduct is alive in hermitage, else, oh, Lakshmana, if death has already conducted her out of hermitage I too will give up my lives here itself. [3-58-9]

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yid mam! Aam gtm! vEdehI n Ai--a;te,
pun> hista sIta ivniz:yaim lm[. 35810

10. lakSmaNa= oh, Lakshmana; aashrama gatam= hermitage, on arrival at; maam= me; vaidehii siitaa= princess from Videha, Seetha; pra hasitaa= well [with gleefully,] smilingly; punaH= again, [as before]; yadi na abhi bhaaSate= if, not, towards me, chats [with me]; vi nashiSyaami= verily, I breath my last.

"If Seetha, the princess from Videha, does not chat with me as before smiling gleefully on my arrival at the hermitage, oh, Lakshmana, I really breath my last. [3-58-10]

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Uih lm[ vEdehI yid jIvit va n va,
Tviy me r]aei-> -i]ta va tpiSvnI. 35811

11. lakSmaNa= oh, Lakshmana; vaidehii= Vaidehi; jiivati vaa= alive, whether; na vaa= not, or; tvayi pramatte= by you, becoming unmindful; tapasvinii= pietistic [Seetha]; yadi rakSobhiH bhakSitaa vaa= whether, by demons, consumed, either; bruuhi say.

"Say Lakshmana, whether that pietistic Vaidehi is alive or not? Or, on your becoming unmindful of your guard is she consumed by demons, either? [3-58-11]

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sukmarI c bala c inTym! c A>o dizRnI,
mt! ivyaegen vEdehI Vym! zaecit mRna>. 35812

12. sukumaarii ca baalaa ca= softish one, also, youngish, also; nityam ca a+ duHkha darshinii= always [ever], also, no, despair [of separation from me,] she saw [unnoticed]; such as she is; vaidehii= Vaidehi; dur manaaH= broken, heartedly; mat vi yogena= by my, not, connectedness - dissociation, separation; shocati= she will be despairing; vyaktam= so it seems.

"She who is softish by her nature and youngish by her age has never noticed the despair of separation from me, and now by my dissociation she will be despairing brokenheartedly, so it seems. [3-58-12]

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svRwa r]sa ten ijen suraTmna,
vdta lm[ #it %CA> tv Aip jintm! -ym!. 35813

13. jihmena= impostor - Maareecha; su dur aatmanaa= highly, evil, souled [impudent one - Maareecha]; lakSmaNa iti= oh, Lakshmana, thus; ucCaiH vadataa= loudly, who shouted; tena rakSasaa= by him, demon - Maareecha; sarvathaa= in everyway; tava api bhayam janitam = in you, even, fear, is caused.

"That impostor and highly impudent demon Maareecha who shouted loudly as, 'oh, Lakshmana,' might have caused fear even in you in everyway. [3-58-13]

Annex: 'you yourself have said that the Golden Deer is demon Maareecha, but I went after to eliminate the very same demon... then, how you are dismayed to hear a trickster's mimicking my voice and came rushing fearfully, were you fearful or did I yell like that right from our childhood, anytime...'

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ut> c mNye vEdea s Svr> szae mm,
Stya ei;t> Tvm! c um! mam! zIm! Aagt>. 35814

14. vaidehyaa= by Vaidehi; mama sadR^ishaH= mine, similar; sa svaraH= that, voice; shrutaH ca= is heard, also; manye= I hope so [or, iti sha~Nke= I doubt]; trastayaa preSitaH tvam ca= frightened as she is, hastened, you, also; maam draSTum shiighram aagataH= me, to see, hastily, you have came.

"I hope that Vaidehi has also heard that voice which is similar to that of mine, and I hope frightened as she is she might have also hastened you, and I hope you also have come to see me, that hastily! [3-58-14]

Annex: 'maybe, as a woman she is hopeless of my capabilities, but you are a coequal of mine, are you unhopeful of my capabilities and came rushing at the haste of a hasty woman, or what!

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svRwa tu ktm! km! sItam! %Ts&jta vne,
itktuRm! n&z<sanam! r]sam! dm! ANtrm!. 35815

15. siitaam vane utsR^ijataa = Seetha, in forest, by you in leaving off [in isolation]; sarvathaa kaSTam kR^itam = in everyway, hardship, is caused; prati kartum= for counter, attack - to take revenge; nR^ishamsaanaam rakSasaam antaram dattam = for diabolical, demons, leeway, is given.

"In everyway you have caused hardship by leaving Seetha in isolation, and a leeway is given to the diabolical demons for a counterattack against us. [3-58-15]

Aside: 'anyway, a congratulatory hardship is caused by you to the demonic race, in unleashing Seetha in isolation from our fetters, and a leeway is given to those diabolic demons as well as to me... as I cocksurely attack them now in the name of Seetha, and it is cocksure that they have to surface now to counterattack me, instead of these tricks and gimmicks...'

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>iota> or "aten ra]sa> ipizt Azna>,
tE> sIta inhta "aerE> -iv:yit n s<zy>. 35816

16. pishita ashanaaH raakSasaaH = raw-flesh, eaters, demons; khara ghaatena duHkhitaaH = Khara, [on my] liquidating, they are distraught - they are distraught on my liquidating Khara; ghoraiH taiH= ghastly ones, by them; siitaa nihataa bhaviSyati= Seetha, liquidated, she would have been; samshayaH na = doubt, is not there.

"Raw-flesh eating demons are distraught as I have liquidated Khara, as a result those ghastly ones would have liquidated Seetha by now. There is no doubt about it. [3-58-16]

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Ahae AiSm Vysne m> svRwa irpu nazn,
ikm! tu #danIm! kir:yaim z<ke aVym! $zm!. 35817

17. ripu naashana = oh, enemy, eliminator Lakshmana; sarvathaa= in everyway; [asmin= in this]; vyasane magnaH asmi = in scourge, sunken, I am; idaaniim kim tu kariSyaami= as of now, what, but, can I do; iidR^isham praaptavyam shanke = this sort of [scourge,] [I am] liable to get, I deem; aho= alas!

"In everyway I am sunken in scourge, but oh, enemy-eliminator Lakshmana, what I can possibly do in present situation? Perchance, this sort of scourge is liable to chance upon me, alas!" Thus Rama gave vent to his feelings on his way to hermitage. [3-58-17]

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#it sItam! vraraeham! ic<tyn! @v ra"v>,
Aajgam jn Swanm! Tvrya sh lm[>. 35818

18. raaghavaH= Raghava; iti= in this way; varaarohaam siitaam cintayan eva= curvaceous one, about Seetha, while thinking - emotively; saha lakSmaNaH= with Lakshmana; tvarayaa jana sthaanam aajagaama= hurriedly, to Janasthaana, came back.

In this way while thinking emotively about that curvaceous Seetha, Raghava hurriedly returned to Janasthaana along with Lakshmana. [3-58-18]

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ivghRma[ae Anujm! AatR pm!
]uxa me[ @v ippasya c,
ivin>sn! zu:k muoae iv;{[
itym! aPy smIy zUNym!. 35819
Svm! Aamm! s ivga vIrae
ivhar dezan! Anus&Ty ka<it!,
@tt! tt! #it @v invas -UmaE
raema Vyiwtae b-Uv. 35820

19. viiraH= valiant Rama; aarta ruupam= who is worried , in aspect; anujam= younger brother; vi garhamaaNaH = verily, chastening [en route]; kSudhaa shrameNa eva pipaasayaa ca= by hunger, by strain, like that, by thirst, also; vi niH shvasan= heavily, out, breathing - heavily suspiring; shuSka mukhaH= with a wizened, mouth; vi SaNNaH= dispirited; pratishrayam praapya= hermitage, having arrived; shuunyam samiikSya = vacuity, having beheld; svam aashramam= one's own, hermitage; pra vi gaahya= on verily, inside, stepping [entering quickly]; kaamshcit= some of the; vihaara deshaan= pastime, places; anu sR^itya= in tow, on going around; then on seeing; nivaasa bhuumau= thus, in dwelling, place cottage of hermitage; etat tat eva iti= this [place,] that [place,] only, thus [marking them]; saH= he, Rama; prahR^iSTa romaa= happily standing hairs [hair-raising]; vyathitaH babhuuva= highly despaired, he became.

He that Rama who chastened his younger brother en route is worried in aspect and wizened is his mouth by hunger, by strain, and also thus by thirst, and suspiring heavily he arrived near at hermitage, and became dispirited when he beheld the hermitage in vacuity. That valiant Rama on quickly entering his own hermitage found it to be vacuous. Then he rushed out and went round a place of pastime of Seetha, saying 'yes, this is that place where she used to move round for plucking flowers.' And again he dashed in to hermitage only to find it as an empty cottage. Then he rushed out to some other place of playtime of Seetha yelling, 'yes, this is that place where she used play with deer, squirrels and birds.' And again came back to vacant hermitage, and again he dashed to some other prayer-time place exclaiming, 'yes, this is that very place where she offered her daily prayers.' Finally on returning to the vacant hermitage he became one who is plunged into hair-raising throes of despair as that cottage is emptied of Seetha. [3-58-19, 20]


#it vaLmIik ramay[e Aaid kaVye Ar{y ka{fe A p<caz> sgR

Thus, this is the 58th chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

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